My Journey

Whoever said life is a journey, boy were they ever right!

For me, photography was always a hobby. From the time I was a little girl I can remember pick up the disposable cameras and clicking away. My parents were never thrilled when I wanted to develop 8 rolls of film from a single weekend… Needless to say they were ecstatic when digital cameras came out!

As I got older I enrolled in a  photography class is high school. This is where I learned, not only the importance of, but the technical aspect, of how to shoot manually. I also learned various skills such as how to process film from start to finish, all the way to basic photoshop skills.

Life went on and I put down my camera during university. Although going through school for forensic science offered me the opportunity to always, and I mean always, be the photographer when we would go to mock crime scenes and document the scenes. I think this experience taught me a couple things:
1)  How to visually document and area or event while capturing all different kinds of shots and angles
2) Details matter! I swear this is one of the reasons I love macro photography!

As life would have it, I wound up back in school after university. Only this time it was for Digital Photography. This experience allowed me to learn above and beyond the basic technical aspects of photography and grow my knowledge to include more complex elements such as studio lighting, and shooting product photography. By the time I was able to graduate I had built my final project centered around food photography. At the time when we had to choose what to do the final showcase on, I had never shot food before. We were going to be learning that a few weeks out. My reasoning was that, I like a challenge and wanted to push myself and discover things for myself as well.

I love to shoot and try new things with photography. I always try to do something different and thing outside of the box. This is why I #PictureThingsDifferently !

I started to shoot under the name KHeath Photography but decided to rebrand to Katie Lynn and Co because I felt I better represented me as a person and wanted that to be reflected in my brand.